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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 48 iPhone Savy Kiddo

Pretty good when a 1 year old can run the iPhone7 all by herself. She even knows which app is YouTube and can navigate her favorite “moo moo” videos. I found out yesterday that I was right – I have bursitis and sciatica and start PT soon. Need to get fit for several trips coming up; especially Italy in the fall. So far my plan to use nothing but iphone images for my blog is working. I am really liking this new iphone7. My friend, Tim Cooper, did an iPhone only blog and I got inspired to do it too.

Day 47 Wee Climber

Look who has taken to the climbing wall!

Day 46 Someone Got a New Game

Does this look like there will be a lot of laughs with the new game he got for his birthday?

Day 45 Blooming Begonia

My little begonia is blooming.

Day 44 Barbecue

The Barbecue was very good at Big Mouth. And there is lots of room for bigger groups at their new second location. I do miss having crepes though. I loved Faster Bassett for their crepes.

Day 43 Some Refreshment

Tonight we visited the new location of Big Mouth Barbecue. I saw an opportunity to make a few images while waiting for the food. Sometimes refreshing the body refreshes the soul too.

Day 42 A Hard Day

This has been a very hard day. Yesterday was too. My heart is aching with dealing with the loss of my friend, Tom. It is hard to fathom that Big Tom is truly gone. To think we would have been enjoying Cuba together next weekend.
Life can change in a moment! This photo conveys how I feel; rather like a storm in those mountains with a pretty empty foreground.

Day 41 Date with My Son

I went grocery shopping with Nick a few nights ago. We decided to stop off on our way home for a bite of Borries’ Chicken Livers. That is the favorite for both of us.

Day 40 Happy Birthday, Brooke!

Today is my granddaughter’s birthday. Here is an iPhone image, in Brooke’s honor, of the Amaryllis blooming in my bathroom.

Day 39 A Brisk Morning

It was minus 14 this morning and I had to meet with my corporation accountant. Brr! The sunrise was nice, but sure did not last long.

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