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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 38 How about Some Blossoms to Brighten the Cold Day

This cold, snowy weather is getting old. How about brightening it up with some blossoms?

Day 37 Hot Turkey Sandwich

Nothing like a hot turkey sandwich on a cold day or any day, for that matter!

Day 36 Winter Returns

On our return from Bozeman, we drove into the return of the white stuff. Winter has returned! Yuck…

Day 35 New Toy

Look what followed me home yesterday from Bozeman Camera. Been thinking about this one for sometime to add to my arsenal.

Day 34 Running Grandma’s Phone

Our little sweetie loves my new iphone7. She plays Cows With Guns on YouTube.

Day 33 Chili for a Cold Evening

How about a cup of Chili on a cold evening.

Day 32 February Arrives

Jade doesn’t much care that a new month has arrived. She just wants to get pretty for the day by taking her usual morning bath. This is the morning ritual after having a bit of her wet food treat.

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