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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 80 Sunrise in White Sands

Sunrise this morning in White Sands.

Day 79 Shooting

Here we go a shooting!

Day 78 Oh, Yes!!

Pistachio Heaven!

Day 77 Pretties

I love photographing flowers.

Day 76 Spring is on It’s Way

The weather we have been having sure makes one think spring is on it’s way.

Day 75 A Bit Different View With Refections

The reflections in the car hood really caught my eye.

Day 74 Eyes

Aren’t these cool eyes?

Day 73 Workin’ Out

Here is where I am getting mended! Physical Therapy is getting my pelvis back inline, so that I can be off traveling again. First I go to White Sands, NM and then to Florence, Italy. Might throw in another fun place in between.

Day 72 Packing

I think someone is excited to go on a trip.

Day 71 Buddies

These two have become best buds. Even favorite toys are offered for sharing. I had a great photo in my head for capturing yesterday. Then My hubby made a loud noise and it evaporated when Jade moved! I was so disappointed. It would have been wonderful; back lighting and all.

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