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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 70 Movin’ on Down the Road

Here we are movin on down the road. Do you know where this is?

Day 69 Contrail!

How about this contrail?

Day 68 Camera Leggings

New leggings that I wear to camera club functions.

Day 67 Early Morning in the Lamar Valley

Very few animals in the Lamar due to the crusted snow. But it sure is a beautiful place for landscapes.

Day 66 Snow Clouds?

Snow was forecast for the weekend, but we only saw a few flurries until we were heading into Helena. These clouds sure looked threatening, though.

Day 65 A Bit of Snow

We had lunch in Cooke City and boy was there ever snow everywhere. This is where most transportation is with snowmobile.

Day 64 Good Food

We have been enjoying some yummy food.

Day 63 On the Road Again

A regular site is a group of bison “trucking” down the road.

Day 62 Arrival

Our first day in Yellowstone on the annual camera club trip.

Day 61 Stylin’

I am really getting into this leggings craze. Thanks to my friend, Debbie, who gave me my first awesome leggings, I am now addicted. My granddaughter, Brooke, shares in my addiction and points me to the next Best Buy of Lularoe leggings. These are some that I found on eBay.

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