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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 320 A Return to Landscape Arches

A return to Arches.

Day 319 Good Morning, Wednesday!

What a great sunrise as I headed into Physical Therapy.

Day 318 Leaves

The leaves of autumn.

Day 317 Orchid Beauty

Another Orchid from Albertsons. I love photographing there. It looks like they just got a new shipment in.

Day 316 A Little Refreshment and Candlelight

It is always fun to have dinner at Nick and Jenn’s. A little drink and some candlelight.

Day 315 An Orange Leaf

A single orange leaf that landed on asphalt.

Day 314 Just a Raven In a Tree

A raven in a tree.

Day 313 Pretty Sunrise

Another pretty Sunrise out my bedroom window

Day 312 I Got It!

Three squirrels fighting over nuts!

Day 311 Orchid Visit

Albertsons had a new shipment of orchids in.
Getting ready for the camera club shoot at Herman’s.

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