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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 355 Winter Wonderland

We are having a brief break from the snow, but it returns tonight with a vengeance, the weatherman says.

Day 354 We will have a White Christmas

Sure looks like a White Christmas.

Day 353 Tiger?

Looks like a little Tiger face.

Day 352 My Sweet Girl

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

Day 351 Lovin’ Orchids

I really am enjoying my new orchids that Xavier gave me. They are in full bloom now and have so many buds to go! They are liking it at my house! This is a photo I took of a white one at Super 1. Mine are pink and red, with a third one yet to bloom.

Day 350 Where I Was

Last night the cameraclub did a Fairy Light activity at the Ursuline Gymnasium. Here it was before the tripods came out and the lights went out.

Day 349 Christmas Flower

A flower that certainly makes one think of Christmas.

Day 348 Early

It’s early Thursday morning and time to start getting things ready for the camera club Christmas party tonight.

Day 347 My Early Morning View

On my way to Physical Therapy.

Day 346 Another Beauty

Can’t help myself when I see a pretty flower. Just have to get a photo!

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