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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 345 Closeup

I love my iPhone for closeups.

Day 344 Interesting

This is right out my kitchen door on the cedar siding. Pretty neat that there is a cross right in the middle of a knot hole.

Day 343 Wine By Wednesday Brunch

We had brunch at Wine By Wednesday this morning. Son, Nick, is the Chef there helping them out through the holidays. It sure was yummy!

Day 342 Sunset

It doesn’t look or feel much like December outside. A white Christmas is not very likely.
But those sunsets have been very nice. Just wish the wind would go away.

Day 341 Santa Hanging Out

Santa is hanging out here at Physical Therapy.

Day 340 Library Exhibit

I finally finished the library exhibit for the camera club. We were missing some name labels. These photos were grabbed before those final labels went up, as you can see two of Doug Zander’s images were missing tags. They are up now. We have a total of 80 photos on exhibit.

Day 339 Poinsettia

This is such a pretty variegated flower.

Day 338 Oranges

Oranges, yum!

Day 337 Blooming!

A new blossom opened this morning.

Day 336 Sweet!

The Ordhids Xavier gave me are getting ready to bloom.

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