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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 110 Stubble Burning Time

Time for the neighbors to burn stubble. Always a time that brings that fear of uncontrolled fire. Some years ago we lost our spring pasture and miles of fence to a wildfire carelessly started by a neighbor during strong winds.

Day 109 Come on in…

Sometimes this is all it takes to lure someone into the bathtub.

Day 108 A New One

Tiny Planet app doing it’s magic!

Day 107 Baking with Grandma

We have a great time making brownies.

Day 106 Small Planet

I used my Small Planet app to do this one of a recent photo I took after our snowstorm. The original is on Day 101.

Day 105 New Legos

Somebody got new Legos and are they ever fun!

Day 104 Baking Sisters

These two love to bake; today it was orange rolls and Heathbar cookies.

Day 103 Guess Again

Here is one from the Mall of America.

Day 102 What is that?

Can you guess this is a shadow on the wall? And what is it?

Day 101 Beautiful Snow Coating

We had at least 10 inches of snow. It certainly created some pretty scenery.
I sure would not advise using that tilted outhouse.

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