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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 199 Whose Tail

And now the question is… Whose tail is that?

Day 198 Whose Paws

Whose paws are these?

Day 197 My View

This has been my view all week.

Day 196 In and out

Tiny Plant spinning in and then out

Day 195 Tired Rose

A very tired rose bloom.

Day 194 Weed?

What is a weed? A plant out of place.

Day 193 Just a Little Planet

Here is just a Little Planet revision of an iPhone photo.

Day 192 Fan Weed in Golden Light

A bit of Fan Weed in the golden light tonight.

Day 191 Alfalfa Curing

Here is an alfalfa blossom curing in a big round bale.

Day 190 Cow Yummies

Here is the result of all that haying work.

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