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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 240 Beauty in Old Leaf

There is definitely beauty in an old fallen leaf.

Day 239 Millipede

Lots of Millipedes.

Day 238 Stickbug

Look at this awesome Stickbug! I used John’s hand as a size reference. Make sure to click on the image, as it is distorted here as a thumbnail.

Day 237 Monkey!

Who would have guessed that there would be monkeys coming to visit while I sat on the porch Shooting Hummingbirds.

Day 236 Not Fond of the Food

I was not fond of the food in Ecuador. They serve huge portions, especially of meat.

Day 235 Parrot Flying

Here is one in a group of parrots.

Day 234 Ferny Leaf Silhouette

A big ferny leaf.

Day 233 Strawberry Plant

This reminds me of a strawberry and the flower piercers love it.

Day 232 Cows

Reminding me of home…

Day 231 Orchid

Isn’t this a pretty Orchid. Makes me miss mine at home.

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