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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 171 Mountain Lady’s Slipper

We went out looking for Wildflowers yesterday.

Day 170 Stormy

Pretty good storm rolling in. At least, no hail this time.

Day 169 Raspberry Lemonaide Weather

It sure is the weather for this drink.

Day 168 Moonlight

A bit of moonlight…

Day 167 Bit of a Shower

On our way home from Spokane.

Day 166 Drop Dead Look

Actually this little miss was just putting on a show for me.

Day 165 Milkweed

The Milkweed along our road is getting ready to bloom.

Day 164 Stealth is Home

The big boy is back from his sunny stay in California.

Day 163 Healthy Girl

After last month’s scare we sure appreciate this happy, healthy face.

Day 162 Don’t Blowout My Candle

The birthday girl is not happy with big sister’s advice.

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