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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 232 Fuzzy Little Guy

Isn’t this the cutest little guy?

Day 231 Hair Blowing in the Wind

Windy day!

Day 230 Graves

These graves are located behind a building on the hill overlooking Marysville.

Day 229 Fishing and Shooting

Who says you can’t combine fishing with photography. We visited Marysville in the morning with 16 camera club members. 6 of us went the long way home and enjoyed some fishing long the way.

Day 228 Aliens looking for the Highwoods

Sire looks like a fleet of flying saucers looking for the Highwood Mountains. Those are just my kitchen lights reflected in the window. It rained last night and this morning.

Day 227 pretty Sunrise

Nothing for clouds, but still pretty colors after a thunderstorm last night.

Day 226 Pretty Foliage

One of my houseplants that I have had for years.

Day 225 Whose Feet

Sleeping Beauty

Day 224 Enjoying Sunset

My Fiddleleaf Ficus is enjoying sunset tonight.

How did this get upside down?

Day 223 Stormy Weather

Quite the storm rolled in. Lucky no hail.

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