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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 356 Nibbles

Looks like somebody was nibbling on this leaf.

Day 355 A Bit of Snow

Just a sprinkle of the white stuff.

Day 354 Lone Leaf

Just a lone leaf…

Day 353 Sunrise

Today’s Sunrise was beautiful.

Day 352 Cute Face

isn’t this the cutest little orchid face! Oops, I grabbed the wrong photo for today. This one was used before.

Day 351 Snow Covered Trees

Lots of snow on the mountain trees with a falling rock sign.

Day 350 On My Way

It was a wet highway!

Day 349 A Cold Leaf

Which direction is best? I think I know…

Day 348 Chopsticks

Are at my favorite Thai last night.

Day 347 Ice

Just a wee bit of ice on the window.

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