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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 143 Interesting Cloud over the Highwoods

What an interesting cloud formation over the Highwoods.

Day 142 Storm Clouds

We had a pretty wild lightning storm roll through last night. Thank goodness it just rained a bit here. Today more violent is predicted.

Day 141 A Break in the Clouds

Some nice light.

Day 140 Little One

Isn’t this cute!

Day 139 Pretty Posies

Aren’t these pretty growing in my yard?

Day 138 Noisy

Here is the musical instrument that RoRo loves at my house.

Day 137 Nice View

Here is a nice view of the pond framed by the fence.

Day 136 No New Cats

Jade says no new cats in this house! If it doesn’t work to eat them, then push them over the edge.

Day 135 Just a Weed?

Just a weed, but very pretty.

Day 134 Baker Girl

We love to get together to bake. Today it was Banana Bread. Nothing like a Dilly Bar after a hard day of baking.

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