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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 205 Ragweed

A bit of ragweed.

Day 204 Infusion

Guess where I am?

Day 203 3 Biffys

Who would guess?

Day 202 Wyoming

What a great spot on my way to Rapid City, South Dakota today. This was near Buffalo, Wyoming. Tomorrow we arrive at Mayo.

Day 201 Tomato Heaven

Tomatoes are setting on every one of those 20 plants. Just got the other 16 transplanted to bigger containers too. Those are heirloom.

Day 200 Tomatoes Galore

Here is the container garden that Walt built for my 20 plants. All are blooming and most have ones set on. In addition, I have 16 more smaller ones that are growing like crazy in pots too, plus 6 watermelon plants and a garbage can with potatoes growing. These are all up here by my new garage. The addition on the house for my plant room is coming along too.

Day 199 Almost Gone

Last night’s sunset illuminated eastern clouds were fading fast.

Day 198 Sunset

Last night’s Sunset.

Day 197 Snails Escaping

RoRo found snails and they quickly got on the move and were escaping. Fun to watch how they move and handle their shells.

Day 196 Triptych #2

Here is another one I did from Gibson Park flowers.

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