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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 234 So Sweet

These little tomatoes taste like candy.

Day 233 What is That?

I wondered what I was seeing here. Now I know!

Day 232 Hugging that Sunflower

Hopper hugging the sunflower for dear life.

Day 231 Munching Hopper

One of our visiting grasshoppers enjoying this flower.

Day 230 Smoke is Gone

For a change, Belt Butte is surrounded by rain clouds instead of smokey skies.

Day 229 Relief

We have right at 2 inches of rain in the gauge from our rain storm. Finally much cooler, wet weather.

Day 228 Special Gift

Look what surprise I got today from RoRo! What could be hidden there? It’s a Blueberry Pie made just for me!

Day 227 A Favorite

I am rereading one of my favorites while I recover. The author is a friend of mine.

Day 226 New Toy

New toy arrived via my daughter. My MD friend in Billings recommended that I keep track of my O2.

Day 225 My Favorites

These guys have been life savers the last few days. Courtesy of my son-in-law, they arrived and I could finally get hydrated. I wish I could taste them. This loss of taste and smell is awful.

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