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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 322 Colorful Sunrise

We had a lovely colorful sunrise!

Day 321 More Watermelon Blossoms

The watermelon plants are blooming and growing like crazy.

Day 320 Dawn

Here was this morning’s sunrise.

Day 319 Birthday Girl

We have a 9 year old with a Kit Kat M&M Cake!

Day 318 Night

What to do when insomnia hits. I take photos of Jade sleeping on her pillow next to me.

Day 317 Buddies

Sage enjoys brushing Jade as much as Jade enjoys it.

Day 316 Yummy November Tomatoes

Who would guess I could be eating tomatoes I grew in my sun porch in November in Montana. And there are lots more to come.

Day 315 Tomatoes

The sun porch is home to a huge number of tomato plants rescued from being devoured by happened. They are blooming like crazy and we have harvested lots.

Day 314 Inside Watermelon

When I loved my watermelon plants inside due to grasshoppers, I never dreamt that they would grow and bloom. They sure are and the vines are spreading like crazy! They are covered with blooms today!

Day 313 Pretty Sunrise

We sure have some pretty sunrises.

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