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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 81 Oh, not again!!

It is snowing hard right now. Doesn’t mother nature know it is now spring? Am praying that the cows hold off for a little while to let this pass before dropping a calf on this white ground. Took this photo before winter decided to arrive again. Walter built this wind thing-a-majig at the end of his airplane runaway. Those are the Highwoods behind. This is one of the photos that I used for my closeup photography class this week. We were to do an extreme wide angle closeup, so I was right up against that wind vane with my 12-24mm lens. My desktop computer crashed yesterday, so it is backup laptop time. The old HP is making a trip to Sullivans tomorrow bright and early.


  1. Debbie
    March 22nd, 2009 | 4:10 pm

    Love the extreme wide angle close up shot. The blue in the sky is several different shades of blue. Love it.

    No snow here today but lots of RAIN. YUCK! I know the moisture is needed but the barn area is a mess and so is the driveway.


  2. March 22nd, 2009 | 7:49 pm

    Hey, I like the shot.

    I thought you were a day off, but when I looked closer I found I was a day ahead!!!

    here is a link to a Julian/Ordinal calendar, for future reference…

    Hopefully it will keep us straight.

    Curtis {!-{>

  3. March 22nd, 2009 | 11:28 pm

    How imaginative of Walter to construct this vane!
    I love the contrast of color in this photo. The perspective is perfect and I love that you’re sharing the sights on the ranch with us! Thank You for enhancing my life on a daily basis with your terrific photos!

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