Day 54 Lensbabies That Aren’t Babies Anymore

Tuesday, February 23 – Here are a couple of Lensbaby shots(camera lens)┬áthat I did on Saturday when the kiddos stayed over. They are not little babies anymore, for sure.┬áTristan had just eaten the last powdered sugar donut hole and Lily wasn’t happy, as you can see. Of course, he denied that it was him or the last one. Love those expressions. She was so mad and he was so smug. Little stinker. Make sure to click on them to enlarge to appreciate those gorgeous eyes. Will get back to cruise photos again tomorrow.


One Response to “Day 54 Lensbabies That Aren’t Babies Anymore”

  1. Debbie Says:

    It certainly couldn’t have been Tristan that ate the last doughnut hole even if the powdered sugar around his mouth. =) Adorable expressions. Lily’s is priceless and so is her brother’s.

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