Day 152 Aw, Grandma, I Don’t Want My Picture Taken

Tuesday, June 1 – Lily did not want to give up her Binky to have her photo taken, as you can see here. I used my new soft focus optic for the Lensbaby which gives the whole picture a soft focus look.  I really like it for flowers and think I am going to like it for portraits as well. It is Thursday and it is pouring rain right now. I watched the twins for Tiffany today and they all just headed home. It was a lovely day and we had such a nice visit. Tristan and Lily are coming for the day tomorrow. Lots of photo ops, I hope. I did get a few today of Bryton and Gage that I will be sharing. They are so busy!! Tiff tells me that she sets her camera on shutter priority to be able to take their pictures and I sure can see why.


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  1. Debbie Says:

    What a sad little face! I like the soft focus a lot!

    Cannot wait to see pictures of Gage and Bryton!

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