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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 299 Pomegranate

Tuesday, October 26 – Something I didn’t expect to see in Sedona was a Pomegranate tree bearing fruit. We visited a great place that looked like a flea market (had a big red and white rooster statue in front), but turned out to be patio decorations of all kinds. There was this great Pomegranate tree right in the middle full of fruit. It had a big sign that said don’t eat the fruit, as they are poisonous. I doubted it and sure enough the owner came up to me with info about how they harvest and squeeze them. I guess I acted pretty interested, as in just a few minutes he caught up to me and handed me one of the fruits that he just picked for me to take with me. I was pretty thrilled and the girls and Brad thoroughly enjoyed eating it on the way to the airport. This was the last place we stopped in Sedona before heading back to the plane in Phoeniz. We also went to the airport Vortex and up on top by the airport that overlooks Sedona that last day. What views!!!  Here are a couple of shots of those pomegranates. As you can see, when they are truly ripe, they break open. The berries were exceptionally sweet too.





  1. Debbie
    October 27th, 2010 | 4:26 pm

    I have never seen a pomegranate tree before. Love the gorgeous red color of the fruit inside against the green of the leaves of the trees!

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