Day 121 Bryton’s Favorite – The Giraffe

Monday, April 30 – Bryton loved the giraffe’s. There were two young long necked guys in this enclosure. They do not like wind and cold, so kept circling through the pen to the inside.  Brytie even bought a toy giraffe to take home for a remembrance. Here are some shots for you, Bryton. I volunteered at Bountiful Baskets yesterday and got quite the workout. We unloaded the big truck, sorted all the goodies and then passed them out when the time arrived. It was fun and I loved what I got this week. The pineapple is fantastic and the whole box of strawberries are as delicious as they are beautiful. The Mexican add on was huge and very interesting. The tropical add on even had sugar cane, vanilla beans and a coconut. There is going to be some delicious eating at our house this week.










































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