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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 208 Is a Worm Pretty?

Here is a closer shot of one of those worms that are everywhere in Glacier. They were more abundant last year, for sure, as they covered the road and cabins at the field camp. There were reports that these little buggers destroyed the huckleberry crop.



  1. Leslee
    July 18th, 2016 | 7:33 am

    Oh, no for the huckleberries. Grasshoppers by the score when we drove to Seeley Lake.

  2. Deyanne
    July 27th, 2016 | 3:21 pm

    It’s a tent caterpillar – they eat everything, very destructive, and create large tents or bags to breed in. one year they were so bad at home that cars were slipping on squished caterpillars on the highway!

  3. July 29th, 2016 | 6:52 am

    Thanks for the info, both Leslee and Deyanne.

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