Day 79 There Is No One Quite Like Jade

I cherish my sweet Jade. I can not imagine not having her in my life right now. I never thought I would let myself get attached to another cat after Tripod. Funny how that happens. I have always been a cat lover and I guess it is just going to always be that way. She will never take Tripod’s place in my heart, but she sure has her own special place there. The awful loss Tiffany and her family is going through made me appreciate my sweet girl even more. Our pets are not with us on earth forever, so we need to love them an extra lot while we have them. Tiffany told me that when she explained to her boys that Raven might be leaving them, Gage wanted to come to my house and steal Jade. I guess she has made an impression on him too. She is a really special kitty. This is an iPhone shot from in the middle of the night with just the light from the TV.

Robyn Mehmke-1-220

2 Responses to “Day 79 There Is No One Quite Like Jade”

  1. Leslee Says:

    I know how much you love your kitties.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Jade is one special girl. Tripod was truly one of a kind. I miss that old boy!!

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