Day 88 I Am So Glad That Itch Is Gone

Here is the giraffe from a couple of days ago that had that cute Oxpecker on it. I am sure he appreciates having those itchy bugs gone. We finally have some nicer weather with sunshine. It is supposed to be close to 60 degrees for Easter Sunday. Looks like a good day for an Easter Egg hunt.

Robyn Mehmke-1-243

3 Responses to “Day 88 I Am So Glad That Itch Is Gone”

  1. Leslee Cotterell-Barrow Says:

    He’s a cute fellow. Looking forward to the warmer temps! I agree it should be a perfect day for a egg hunt!

  2. Debbie Says:

    These are interesting animals. They look so different that anything I’ve ever seen. Such great shots you have of giraffes.

    It’s supposed to hit 70 tomorrow for Easter Sunday here. The weather the past few days makes it feel more like spring the last few days. The big girls are home and so everyone will be together for Easter.

    Happy Easter!! HUGS

  3. Curtis {!-{> Says:

    You look like you are eye-to-eye with him. Were you standing on top of the truck?

    Nice shot!


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