Day 178 A Miami Motel Room Visitor

My first morning in Miami, I was met by this little visitor. Pretty sure it is an American Cockroach. First I have ever seen. And this was a Hilton very nice hotel. Maybe they are commonly found everywhere in Florida. My new Monfrotto tripod arrived yesterday. Sadly, my Flashpoint needs repairs and won’t be back in time for Monterey. This one was highly recommended, so maybe is not a bad thing. I went with carbon fiber again because it is nice and light to carry, even though a bit pricey.

Robyn Mehmke-1-405









Robyn Mehmke-1-406


3 Responses to “Day 178 A Miami Motel Room Visitor”

  1. Leslee Cotterell-Barrow Says:

    I hate creepy crawly things!

  2. Curtis Says:

    First it is spiders, now cocker-oochays…


  3. Debbie Says:

    Okay…YUCK. Great pictures but he needs to find another room to sleep in. ha ha

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