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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 297 Growing In The Shadows

Saturday, October 24 – I just can not get enough of looking at the beautiful scenery of Portland. I want to go back someday and do some more shots. Nick liked it there and I sure can see why. I think he spent time at the beach too which we were unable to do because of the bad weather. Little Faith is still hanging in there. I talked to Sylvia this afternoon and the little sweetie is having a really hard time breathing through her nose. She is on two antibiotics and is getting excellent care. We are all praying that she pulls through. She has already touched so many lives. I think Sylvia loves her as much as I do. I will never be able to thank her enough for all she is doing. These two shots were actually taken in an overhang right be a huge falls at Silver Falls. I didn’t think I would have enough light to do the ferns growing from the ceiling, justice, but I think it worked. That Canon 5D is amazing when it comes to low light situations.



  1. October 23rd, 2009 | 8:24 pm

    Ferns in the dark Interesting concept!

    I like it!

    Curtis {!-{>

  2. Debbie
    October 23rd, 2009 | 9:18 pm

    Wow, great shot. I love the clarity and think the dark background makes them pop even more.

    Being on the coast in Oregon is one of my very favorite places to be. I love the ocean and all the green. Of course the fog and rain makes everything so green near the coast. I don’t know how much I’d like that every day or almost every day.

    So glad to hear little Faith is hanging in there. Make sure to take some photos of her and post them so we can see what she looks like.

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