Day 360 A Sea Of Snow; Waves And All

Saturday, December 26 – The day after Christmas and the house is all picked up already. I guess that is one advantage to have your children grown. I have no toy messes to deal with anymore. We had a lovely time at Aimee’s for Christmas and got to spend another day with Mom and Dad. Brent fixed prime rib in the smoker and we had so much food. Wendy’s boys brought there Wii along and everyone participated in everything from rowing to archery. Grandpa Bob even did a bit of shooting with the bow. The sun is out today and it looks to be another gorgeous day. I just wish it would warm up and melt this ice.  These shots are from right out in front of my house.




2 Responses to “Day 360 A Sea Of Snow; Waves And All”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Love these shots. The blowing drift marks are beautiful. No snow here, however. The sun is out but it is cold. There doesn’t seem to be any snow in the immediate forecast either.

    Glad to hear that everyone had a great Christmas at Aimee’s. It sounds like all played the Wii and had a fun time. =)

    Lots of toy messes around here. I’ve got a cold so am slowly cleaning room by room. Hopefully by evening the house will be in ship shape.


  2. Curtis Says:

    If it weren’t for the grass sticking up it could be anywhere in the Arctic or Antarctic!

    Nice color and exposure.


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