Day 364 Chef of the Grand Union and His Side Kick

Wednesday, December 30 – Tristan often tells people that he is Tristan, the chef of the Grand Union. Where in the world did he came up with that one? He also insists that he doesn’t have a middle name. That is a 4 year old for you. He and Lily had a great time opening up presents. Lily just had her first birthday and an earlier Christmas gathering with relatives, so she knows very well what it is all about. She is such a ‘girl’ and had on the cutest little Christmas dress that she even kept clean. Tristan was pretty thrilled with his gifts.  I am not sure that his mom was overly thrilled with what I came up with; but he sure was. Can’t go wrong with a rifle and pistol.


2 Responses to “Day 364 Chef of the Grand Union and His Side Kick”

  1. Debbie Says:

    A rifle and a pistol sound just perfect for Tristan! Great shots. I love the expression in Lily’s eyes.

  2. Leslee Says:

    Well done!


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