Day 93 What A Party!

Saturday, April 3 – Tristan had one heck of a good birthday party yesterday with a whole table full of buddies. Kristie made a delicous lunch (a to die for pasta salad, yum) and there were cupcakes for dessert. Here are some shots I took with my G11. They are not the best. It is pretty hard to take creative shots on crutches. The wind is howling even worse today (on Monday). There is supposed to be a storm blowing in.



2 Responses to “Day 93 What A Party!”

  1. Curtis or Leslee Says:

    Good looking party!

    On Day 9???


  2. Debbie Says:

    Great looking cupcakes and food. YUM

    It’s pouring rain again today and the wind is howling!


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