Day 97 My Brother Stole The Only Horse

Wednesday, April 7 – Poor Bryton wasn’t fast enough to get to the horse first. Surprising, as he is the one that usually runs right over the top of his brother. That look might indicate some plan he has for brother.¬†What out Gage! Bryton is a good rider too and took several rides while he was here. We also have Carl’s original 40 year old spring loaded rocking horse that they ride with help.


2 Responses to “Day 97 My Brother Stole The Only Horse”

  1. Debbie Says:

    His little face shows how disappointed he was that he wasn’t first on that horse. He’s a cutie as well. How blessed Tiff and Bryant are with these two little guys.

  2. Curtis or Leslee Says:

    Maybe I should bring the roadster with my on Sat. and they could both have something to ride????


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