Day 149 Becca, You Are An Awesome Model!

Saturday, May 29 – Here are some more of the shots I did of Becca on Sunday. She is so much fun to work with. She is quite the photographer too. I expect to see some tremendous compositions from her in the coming years. It has been raining the last couple of days and is so nice and green out. We are dealing with mud again though.  I attended Brooke’s spring concert yesterday where she played the viola.  Then this morning I went in to hear Chase play in the jazz band. He played the first solo of the concert which made it extra exciting.  




2 Responses to “Day 149 Becca, You Are An Awesome Model!”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I love the maroon of her sweatshirt, blonde hair and big brown eyes. Maroon is one of her colors. Great photos!

  2. Leslee Barrow Says:

    A natural, fer sher!


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