Day 239 The Wrecking Crew

Friday, August 27 – Bryton and Gage have been here for the past three days and what little sweeties they are. Grandpa calls them the wrecking crew. Tiffany sure has her hands full. They are a couple of super active little guys. Bryton gets to go first this time and then comes Mr. Smiles, Gage. Funny thing is, Gage is not usually the smiling guy. I sure love having them stay.




2 Responses to “Day 239 The Wrecking Crew”

  1. Debbie Says:

    So, so cute!! It sounds like Grandpa and Grandma are having fun with these two cutie pies. Love these photos!

  2. Curtis Says:

    I am sure Walter is right about being the wrecking crew. I can’t imagine being Tiffany trying to keep reins on the two of them. Cute pictures-they are so darn different.

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