Day 276 Chinook Arch?

Sunday, October 3 – I took these on Monday night from the playground in Fort Benton. Wish I had been up on top of the hill and could have looked toward Great Falls. Guess this is the view you get of sunsets when you live in Fort Benton. I read in the Wednesday Tribune about the Chinook Arch and am assuming that is what I was seeing with all the spectacular color. My view was very limited, so had to find a break in the trees to get some shots. Nothing last night, darn. Will keep looking tonight and hope for some clouds and color. I think shooting up by Shep’s grave might be a good view.




4 Responses to “Day 276 Chinook Arch?”

  1. Curtis or Leslee Says:

    Still looks pretty spectacular!


  2. Debbie Says:


  3. Curtis Says:


    Really nice sunset…I missed it…


  4. Nicole Says:

    These are fantastic Robin!!! I love all the colors!

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