Day 31 Photo – Holy cow! I did it!!

I still can not believe that the first month of PAD’s is through and I did it and never missed a day. It has been so much fun and really makes me haul my camera out and being ‘seeing’ more. We are heading to Marilynn’s 7th birthday party today. Jenn will be there with Kati too, so I will have someone to visit with. I actually volunteered the two of us to take photos at the party. I chose some photos of Jade from my class to share this final day of January. She is getting pretty sick and tired of being a model...

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  1. Curtis Says:


    I hope to get my day 31 up…sooonnnnnn….I spent the day cruising up in the mountains (lots of photos!!!), and finally even got into SUNSHINE! Despite previous weather forecasts it was cloudy and damp looking down here. I am planning on heading to the ocean tomorrow, and I have tours to Trieste and two castles next saturday, and Venice and carnivale the following saturday (another three day weekend, too! I’ll probably be typing most of it!

    The Saturday after that I am on a plane headng home.

    I had another good dinner at Tussi’s: Tagio…whatever it was with speck and gulash and mashed potatoes…pretty good, and I got photos again.

    Today is three weeks. I have decided I prefer countries that I know the language of…

    When does your cruise start?

    Oh well, keep up the good work! Only eleven months left to go!!!

    Curtis in Italia! {!-{>

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