Day 29 – Come On Down

Saturday, January 29 – We returned from our trip to Page last night and I am bushed today. My knee is very sore; probably from climbing down in the slot canyon and climbing around on ruins. We actually went to this slot canyon; lower Antelope Canyon,  second. But this is the only memory card I have downloaded so far, so this is what is going to go up. These are from the little G11. I switched to my 5d and 40d with tripod when I actually got down in the canyon. This was probably the bravest I have ever been. The upper canyon, in the morning, was a piece of cake where you just walked in. This one was unguided and we crawled through a crack in the canyon floor to go down 150 feet to the most glorious place I have ever been. I will go through the rest of my pictures today and share more in the coming days. I am so terrified of heights that I still don’t know how I did it. That combined with claustrophobia makes me really wonder what I was thinking. This three pictures were just on the way down. As you can see, Walter was busy urging me to, “come on down, it isn’t so bad.” Lots more to come!!



4 Responses to “Day 29 – Come On Down”

  1. Debbie Says:

    These are truly amazing shots! I’m so proud of you for going down. I’m claustrophobic too and would have been scared to death. The lines, colors and textures of this place is absolutely remarkable and beautiful.

  2. Curtis Barrow Says:

    Fabulous. Simply fabulous.


  3. Tiffany Says:


  4. Curtis Says:

    Your photography is making you so brave. What you will do to get an awesome shot. Good job, Robyn!


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