Day 215 The Birth Of The Beam

Wednesday, August 3 – I hope this gives an idea of how they illuminate the sunbeams in Antelope Canyon. A group is taken in by a Navajo guide who helps you navigate the crowds and shows you the best shots to take. This is not easy when it is wall to wall, sometimes rude people. Beams are only viewed in the spring/summer months. When a guide spots a beam which is not visible except on the canyon floor, he procedes to throw sand up in the air to make it visible. As you can see, there is alot of sand in the air. Look up toward the light and you will see that hazy look. One of the times we were shooting, another group’s guide threw a handful up that was mostly small rocks. There were some very unhappy photogs when rocks were binging off their lenses. We were told to put our lens caps on in certain areas too. You definately need to have a UV filter on to protect your lens and really should have your camera wrapped in a baggie, which I did see being done. We thoroughly air compressor blew off our cameras when we got home and then vacuumed them also before taking out batteries or memory cards or switching lenses. So here goes with what was captured of the beams being made visible. That is our guide standing right there waiting to get around the corner to throw his sand up. As you can see, another group was already there enjoying the viewing. More beam captures coming tomorrow.




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  1. Debbie Says:

    The amount of dust in that canyon was amazing. Thankfully our cameras are OK! You took such nice sun beam photos. Beautiful!

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