Day 302 My Beautiful Granddaughter

Saturday, October 29 – What a beautiful young lady, Becca, is growing up to be.  That is one big pumpkin she found to sit on. The Sterling Cattle Company has such a great idea going on there. Now we need to find a farmer to grow a pumpkin patch. Wouldn’t that be fun?!














One Response to “Day 302 My Beautiful Granddaughter”

  1. Debbie Says:

    One of the teacher’s I work with grew a great big pumpkin patch this year and she took her 1st graders and the other class of first graders on a field trip. You should have seen the little kiddos hauling big pumpkins. Too cute.

    Becca is a beautiful young lady. She looks really good in that orange sweatshirt. Perfect color for her.

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