Day 303 An Unusual Sandbox

Sunday, October 30 – Whoever heard of filling a sandbox with corn? Well, this one was and it was a blast! One more day until Halloween. Tiff will be here with the kiddos and the whole bunch of us will be out trick or treating Monday night. Too bad it is a school night though. Let’s hope for nice weather. The wind is howling today. My chickens are staying inside for a change. We got our new chicken coop yesterday and the “nuggets” have a whole lot more room now. Still have to get the electricity in. Will be stopping in Bozeman in the next day or two to pick up my new ‘toys’. I sold my¬†Little Kat bull and have some spending money that has been targeted for camera equipment.

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  1. Debbie Says:

    Take a picture of your new chicken coop – inside and out – and post it. I’m exctied to see it.

    When I taught kindergarten last year we used wheat in the sandbox. Corn would be fun too.

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