Day 25 Eating Our Way Through Sedona

Wednesday, January 25 – I am thinking that we might actually be eating our way through Sedona. I sure have found my favorites; The Wildflower Bakery and Jose’s Cafe. Not the fanciest places we have been, but the food and service at both are outstanding. Here was dinner last night at Jose’s; Chicken and Dumplings. This was one of those times when a person is tempted to lick the plate clean. Talk about bringing back memories, as it tasted just like mom’s. Yummy!! It is served as the special every Monday night. You can bet I will be there next Monday, for sure. Walter had Blueberry Pie with Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert.









2 Responses to “Day 25 Eating Our Way Through Sedona”

  1. Leslee Cotterell-Barrow Says:

    Looks like you have been having some yummy, delicious meals.

  2. Debbie Says:

    This looks scrumptious! Wish I could take a bite!

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