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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 28 A Menu For Shep

Saturday, January 28 – We had dinner at Ken’s Creekside last night and it was just as good at night as it was for lunch. Shep didn’t get to come in this time though. Poor pooch recognized where we were even and did some pretty hearty barking when he didn’t get to come. Here is the Pooch menu that is available for breakfast or lunch on the patio. Walter was a tight wad and wouldn’t spring for anything but the jerky. I finished 2 more scarves yesterday and my eyes are terrible today(double vision). ┬áNot sure what that is all about. We went to the art and craft fair in the village and bought some more soap. The man who makes them lives across from us and we really enjoy him. He makes 2500 bars each week and ships them all over the nation. We buy them naked, without wrappers, which is way cheaper. Billi and Brad took some home with them to try. Walter thinks they are the best thing ever.They have a wonderful website and he has been making his list of wants for bringing home with us. I see that he has dealers in Montana even. Check them out at We are going over for a tour before we go home and to pick up our soaps.


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