Day 301 Rare Black Rhinos

Sunday, October 28 – These were the first two black rhinos that I saw. I was lucky enough to see 7 total, which is 3 more than anyone else. Our vehicle actually came across a mother/son pair that we got close to. Those will come later. They seem to be one of the most desired and elusive animals to see. What is amazing, these first days of photos of animals are just from my first few memory cards. There are so many more to go through and share. I need to identify the birds yet.


3 Responses to “Day 301 Rare Black Rhinos”

  1. Leslee Says:

    Sounds like a big job, going through all your photos. These guys are cool though.

  2. Curtis {!-{> Says:

    Pretty neat!


  3. Debbie Says:

    Lucky girl!! Black Rhinos are so cool

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