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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 15 Tired

Jade is wore out! Not sure why. This is her main activity – sleeping.

Day 14 Aloe Bloom

Pretty blossoms!

Day 13 Sunrise

Pretty nice sunrise this morning.

Day 12 Little One

The center of one of my orchid blooms. See the little guy? The back lighting sure makes the yellow vibrant.

Day 11 Baby Coming

Hoping this backlit area shows a bloom starting in one of my newest orchids. I have not seen this one bloom yet, so I am excited!!

Day 10 Jade Plant Blooming

Seems like my plants have decided to bloom all at once. This one haD to be photographed from the back because it is impossible to move.

Day 9 Aloe Blooming

Here is a closer shot of the Aloe bloom today.

Day 8 Aloe is Going to Bloom Again

My biggest aloe plant is going to bloom again. This will be the 3rd time in two years. I think it likes the southern light here. Funny thing is it had south light at my other house and only bloomed once. Not a great photo, so will have to try it earlier in the day for better light. My orchids are blooming too!

Day 7 Pink Cloud

This was sunrise looking west yesterday. The wind was blowing so hard that it was impossible to do a pano. The pink was so bright it looked unreal for just a few minutes as it faded. Always look behind you when taking sunrises or sunsets.

Day 6 Sunrise

And with the pretty sky came more wind!

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