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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 79 A Peek at Belt Butte

This Morning Glory flower is taking a peek at Belt Butte.

Day 78 Salt Lake Mountains

A shot from the airplane going in to Salt Lake City.

Day 77 Yummies

Had these t the HuHut in Rochester. Wontons with chocolate Cookie Dough inside accompanied by ice cream and drizzled with chocolate.

Day 76 Santa’s Helper

Taken at the Apache Mall in Rochester, MN

Day 75 Taking a Look Out the Window

This Morning Glory is taking a look out the window at all the white snow.

Day 74 Tired Kitty

Jasmine is tired today. Too much running around at night.

Day 73 History Museum Outing

Went to the GFCC outing yesterday to the History Museum. We were able to photography on the third floor, which is closed to the public. Very educational! Here are a few things I captured. Can you identify them?

Day 72 Peek a Boo

Jasmine is playing Peek A Boo with Sage.

Day 71 Who’s Visiting Today?

Had another visitor today. Who’s big brown eye is that?

Day 70 A Visitor

i have a visitor today.

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