Day 260 Pink Ripe Tomatoes

September 15th, 2020

Just picked two pink ripe tomatoes. I had some earlier and now more are ripening.

Day 259 Please Bring Back the Sunsets

September 15th, 2020

All this smoke is not good for our sunsets. I miss this view of evening.

Day 258 Just Throw the Ball

September 15th, 2020

Luna patiently waiting for someone to throw the ball.

Day 257 Hybrid?

September 13th, 2020

One of my watermelons seems to be a hybrid. It has both black and some white seeds. I saved the seeds to see what I might get next season. Lots of seeds to play with too. My first time raising them was successful. Walt says each one was sweeter then the store bought. They will definitely be planted again next year.

Day 256 Bumble Flower Beetle

September 13th, 2020

I had never seen these before. The little critters have invaded my corn patch. They remind me of Potato Bugs.

Day 255 Mud Pies

September 13th, 2020

Mud must be good for the hair too.

Day 254 Mud Facial

September 13th, 2020

Someone decided to try a mud facial! More to come tomorrow.

Day 253 Sun Goes Down

September 11th, 2020

Down goes Mr, Sun.

Day 252 Ginger’s Playhouse

September 11th, 2020

Ginger thinks this is her playhouse too.

Day 251 Chocolate Pears

September 9th, 2020

Some of my Chocolate Pear Tomatoes.