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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 107 Morning Visitors

I had a few morning visitors today munching on the new green grass.

Day 106 Big Tomato

This beautiful tomato was in my box of produ e yesterday from Gaines Produce. I have been getting produce from them for years.

Day 105 Whose Footprint

I wonder who left a muddy footprint?

Day 104 Nature’s Design

Just a bit of nature’s design work.

Day 103 Clearing

The fog started clearing off, looking south.

Day 102 Morning Cooking

I just finished making homemade Peanut Butter and Yogurt. I use my Pampered Chef Cooking Blender for the Peanut Butter. It takes just a few minutes and uses Honey Roasted Peanuts. The Yogurt is using the cold start method in my Quick Cooker from Pampered Chef. That takes overnight. I don’t buy either peanut butter or yogurt anymore.

Day 101 Frustration

I am so frustrated with how slow the process has been to hook up our fiber optic internet. It is right here waiting to hook up and has been since last fall. The internet we deal with, three companies at present, is marginal.

Day 100 Greening Up

The grass is starting to grow.

Day 99 A Bit of Fog

We have heavy fog this morning.

Day 98 Resting

Jade was out for the night, or time being, in the RV. She doesn’t think this RV life is so bad! I think there is a bit of a photo bomb too.

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