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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 262 Another Pretty

This one has blooms that last a long time.

Day 261 Pretty in White

This little white orchid is almost finished blooming.

Day 260 Miss Priss

Jade feels better today.

Day 259 Another Day, Another Sunrise

Today’s sunrise didn’t disappoint.

Day 258 Early Morning Sunrise

Day 257 Lots of Wild Sunflowers

This sure is a good year for wild sunflowers. This bunch is blooming along our lane.

Day 256 Smokey Day

We finally have a break from smokey skies. This was Friday’s skies looking south that were declared unhealthy even.

Day 255 Pink Rose

Just a pink rose with a baby.

Day 254 Catching Some Shut Eye

Jade is feeling under the weather with Pancreatitis.

Day 253 Sunrise

This was yesterday’s sunrise. Today the smoke has returned, so just a smoky sky.

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