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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 172 Sunrise

Pretty sunrise this morning out my bedroom window!

Day 171 Babies

Aren’t they cute! It’s pretty crowded with 4 in the nest!

Day 170 Cupcake

Here is my houseguest, Cupcake, for a few days.

Day 169 Little One Growing

The little cactus I started has new growth! They sure look like little hands, to me.

Day 168 After the Rain

We finally got a good rain shower and the heavy clouds are sure pretty to the south.

Day 167 Nature’s Symmetry

Even a Thistle has beauty.

Day 166 Hangin On

This little hopper is hanging on a blade of grass.

Day 165 Hoppers Arrive

The baby grasshoppers have arrived in all sizes and colors. They are mowing the grass and hanging out on the soaker hose.

Day 164 Just Hangin Out

Cupcake has found a new place to hang out.

Day 163 Evergreen Violet

Took this one in Belt Park.

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