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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 332 Blooming

I cut my 5 year old geranium back awhile ago and it is blooming.

Day 331 Beautiful

My new decoration for the holiday from my daughter. Isn’t it gorgeous!

Day 330 Just a Bit of Snow

just a little snow storm near our cabin in the foothills of the Highwoods.

Day 329 Having Fun

My girl and I made peanut butter today in my cooking blender. The hard work reward was Rainbow Sherbet. What a fun afternoon! We have so much fun together!

Day 328 Snow over the Highwoods

A little snowstorm over the Highwoods, a few minutes ago Saturday afternoon.

Day 327 Always Listening

Always listening when she wants to!

Day 326 Last One

This is the last bloom on my orchids. Pretty good for them blooming constantly for 2 years.

Day 325 Welcome to My Jungle

Here is a small part of my house jungle.

Day 324 Pretty

This morning’s sunrise!

Day 323 Dark

It is dark and I am wide awake.

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