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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 25 And Then There Were Three

A third bloom is open this morning.

Day 24 Still More

My big aloe has lots of buds still to open.

Day 23 Buds

Another one of my orchids that my friend, Charity gave me, is going to bloom!

Day 22 Special Gift

Walt surprised me this morning with this beautiful handmade sewing/craft table for my birthday! Can’t wait to try it out! It is huge. The back folds up and so do the sides to make it twice as big a workspace!

Day 21 Sunset

Another slight sunset.

Day 20 Love This

My dear friend, Debbie, sent this to enjoy! She knows me well!

Day 19 Fork in the Road

What a choice! Either cook or read a novel!

Day 18 And There Were Two

The 2nd orchid blossom has opened. As you can see there are two more to go.

Day 17 Snow Shower

A bit of a snow shower this afternoon in the Highwoods. Wind is howling again.

Day 16 New Bloom

Another orchid started blooming today. More to come!

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