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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 86 Caught Sleeping Again

I swear this cat sleeps most of the day. This time she cuddled up to me and I got a closeup shot.

Day 85 Yummy

Rosemary is getting to be quite the little baker. She made this Pumpkin Roll for Thanksgiving from a recipe in her Raddish kids monthly box that I have sent her. It was so yummy.

Day 84 Hello Morning

This morning’s sunrise.

Day83 Brrr!! That’s Cold

We had a brief snowstorm this morning.

Day 82 Where You Running To?

Looks like a little guy running, I think. How about you?

Day 81 Look at all the Blooms

The Morning Glory is has really gone to town lately with blooming.

Day 80 A Few Tomato Blossoms

Lots of tomato blossoms in the sunporch these days.

Day 79 A Peek at Belt Butte

This Morning Glory flower is taking a peek at Belt Butte.

Day 78 Salt Lake Mountains

A shot from the airplane going in to Salt Lake City.

Day 77 Yummies

Had these t the HuHut in Rochester. Wontons with chocolate Cookie Dough inside accompanied by ice cream and drizzled with chocolate.

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