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Window on Cherry Pie Lane

Day 134 Flower Time

We have another big crop of wild sunflowers this year. RoRo is sure loving them.

Day 133 What is this?

I have no idea what this Seed pod is? But is interesting and Orange.

Day 132 Opening

The flowers are certainly enjoying the moisture we are getting. They are popping up everywhere. Rain and snow are forecast to return later today.

Day 131 Pretty Weed of Yesterday

The remnants of a weed of last year.

Day 130 TPF

Today is a TPF, Tiny Pink flower from in front of my house.

Day 129 Walking in the Rain

Just some cows out walking in the rain.

Day 128 A Nonrainy Day

Woke up to no rain and just lots of sunshine.

Day 127 Rain Brings Flowers and Grass.

Looking out the rain covered window and appreciating the fact that rain brings grass and flowers. And the crops are all in and ready to grow.

Day 126 Rain and Snow

Here it comes. We need the moisture, but not on a photography day!

Day 125 Happy May Day

When I was a child, out on the ranch, we would pick flowers and hang baskets of them on the gates for our neighbors on May Day. Happy May Day!

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